We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax exempt, Tax ID#26-1872910

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arizona Dream Builder Foundation is to provide educational opportunities to youth in Arizona who show commitment to the tenets of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other great leaders.

Opportunities will be provided in the form of internships, scholarships, and mentorships. To that end, we recognize organizations and individuals that support those tenets while enhancing the lives of Arizona’s youth and the community.


The Arizona Dream Builder Foundation seeks to enable a vision of a future Arizona that reflects a community committed to the tenets of education, non-violence, love, truth, honesty, commitment, respect, courtesy, self-discipline, social justice, leadership, racial equality, hope, freedom, opportunity, and democracy.

The Dream Scholar program celebrates Arizona high school students who embrace and embody those tenets set forth by Dr. King and other great leaders. The scholarship is a 4 year, $4,000 scholarship awarded to High School Seniors.

Our dream scholars have many opportunities to understand how education is connected to economic success. To enhance their Dream Scholar experience, awardees participate in our dream intern program, educational tours and workshops. These experiences help promising students develop their social and business leadership skills, while exposing them to historical educational options and cultural landmarks – all for an experience of a lifetime.

The ultimate goal of our Dream Scholars program is to discover, cultivate and celebrate Arizona’s next generation of leaders – for our communities, our businesses, and the future of Arizona!

We believe that the youth of Arizona are our future and are worthy of celebration. We believe that appreciation and recognition, combined with scholarship, opportunity and internship are key building blocks that foster individual success while promoting economic independence.

The ‘call to action’ of the Foundation is “Internships Strengthen Opportunities for Success“ (I-SOS). This concept has spawned the vision that companies and organizations will step up to the challenge and hire selected youth of Arizona for internships. The Foundation partners with Arizona corporations, community organizations, business owners and individuals that support mentorship and internships for young Arizonans.

Board Members:

Jason Artigas – Midwestern University & Dream Scholar Class of 2009
Marcella Busto – State Farm Insurance Company
Valerie Churchwell – City of Phoenix Aviation Department
Dr. Sylvia Manlove – Educational Consultant
Garry Walters – Retired, Southwest Gas Corporation
Gary Zwillinger – Board Member Emeritus, Zwillinger Greek & Knecht, PC