Help us as we recognize and reward Arizona high school students who embrace and embody the tenets of great world leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Arizona Dream Dinner. Many levels of corporate and individual sponsorships are available to support these scholars and with your support, opportunities can become realities for these high-school students.

Download this year’s Dream Dinner Sponsorship form


The financial support and commitment of Arizona's community and corporate leaders is needed!

Scholarships are an important source of funding for our students. This funding is made possible through the generous support of our donors. If you are interested in becoming a Dream Donor, you can visit our Donor page and contribute directly to the Foundation. Or if you are interested in becoming a Dream Scholarship Donor, we will be happy to discuss the program. Scholarship options include endowment which will provide scholarships in perpetuity, or you may choose to provide annual funding. Another option is to provide an honorary or memorial scholarship for one year only.

Please contact the ADBF if you are interested in donorship opportunities.


I-SOS: Internships Strengthen Opportunities for Success!

As a Dream Intern sponsor, you will provide qualified Dream Interns the opportunity to gain compensated, mentored work experience in an 8-week summer professional internship. We suggest that you provide a supervisor who gives appropriate, structured professional supervision, guidance, and training to the intern to ensure the success of the experience for both you and the student. Internship salary of $2,500 is the responsibility of the sponsor and will be paid directly to the Dream Intern.

If you are interested in being a Dream Intern sponsor, please contact the ADBF for additional details.


Research in both educational settings and in the workplace indicates that students and employees alike are more likely to succeed if they have a mentor. Though the ADBF does not have a formal mentoring program, if you are interested in becoming a mentor to a Dream Scholar or Intern, please contact the Arizona Dream Builder Foundation for further discussion about your interest.